CLEVELAND — Malley's chocolates are a must-have when preparing Easter baskets in Cleveland. Due to coronavirus, they'll be an even hotter commodity this year. 

The company halted production because of the virus, making only 60-percent of candy needed for the Easter season this year, according to chairman and CEO Mike Malley.

The company's factory on Brookpark Road shut down last week, as did the retail stores. Malley says the decision was made even before Governor Mike DeWine ordered non-essential businesses to close. 

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When people ask Malley why he made that choice, as Malley's is deemed okay to stay open as a food business, Malley says saying open just didn't feel right or safe. 

Right now, staff is at a minimum of a few people working at a call center.

Malley's Chocolates was able to fulfill all Easter candy fundraising orders, so no need to worry there. If you want that chocolate bunny in your Easter basket though, you better get moving. You can order it at

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