MEDINA, Ohio — Who doesn't love a night out? 

It's even better when there's good food, no dishes to do and at the same time you are helping give someone some much needed hope.

Here in Medina, it's more than just the history that comes with the city. It's about food, but really food for the soul. 

At Sérénité restaurant, they aren't just serving up French meals, but serving up second chances. The staff here are out to make a difference.

Malikka Mosley is a new student here. She's learning the ins and outs of the kitchen --- all while also  working on her recovery. The restaurant is set up to help give tools out to those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions through the culinary arts.

"I can grow. I can make real money. I'm a mother of three boys. I need to make real money. I can't have a mistake hold me back from my life. I need to grow.  This place is giving me the opportunity and I'm grateful," says Malikka.

"We're just like any restaurant, but we're a little more hands on. We're giving that extra love and attention," says Michael Flaherty, the CEO and Executive Director of Sérénité.

It's a concept built by the same team at EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute in Shaker Heights; a cooking school that trains and employs ex-offenders.

Inside Sérénité – sits the Recovery Center of Medina County where the restaurant staff come together during their 8-month program. 

A family bonding over French cuisine – while strengthening their own foundation. 

"It gives me hope. It gives me a new hope to let me know that my life isn't over, that there's another door that's opening up for me," Malikka adds.