CLEVELAND — They were already famous in Northeast Ohio, but now, America knows the legend of the "Lady Butchers."

Melissa Khoury and Penny Barend Tagliarina of the Saucission butcher shop in Cleveland's Slavic Village were featured on Sunday's episode of the Food Network Show "Beat Bobby Flay." In the program, chefs from all over compete against each other before one of them gets the chance to take on the famous Flay himself.

In the episode (appropriately named "The Lady Butchers"), Khoury and Barend Tagliarina were recruited by Cleveland's own Michael Symon for a chance to take Flay down, and Barend Tagliarina earned the opportunity in the early head-to-head showdown with Khoury. Following the final battle, the decision was unanimous, with Penny's cooking besting Bobby's.

Both butchers stopped by WKYC Studios' "What's New" on Wednesday to speak with Betsy Kling and Jay Crawford about their experience.

"We were like, 'One of us is going to win the first round, and go on and beat him. Period,'" Barend Tagliarina said of the pair's confidence. "It was a Lady Butchers [team] victory."

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Penny won with her signature dish: a sandwich featuring pounded pork shoulder-chop (marinated with orange serrano chili peppers), chorizo pork stock, hand-fried kota hot cheese, and plenty of veggies. She beautifully describes it as a "hot mess."

Barend Tagliarina even made one of the sandwiches live on the show, to the delight of the hosts. You can watch the entire segment in the player above, or the whole show below:

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