SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Imagine this…

You climb off Valravn with a grumbling stomach.

Corn dog? Nah. Burger? Not in the mood.

You want to satisfy your hunger with something different.

How does a gooey grilled cheese sound?

The folks at Melt are trying to make that a reality.

It all started with a tweet from Cedar Point’s spokesperson Tony Clark.

“@MeltBarGrilled *cough* Cedar Point location *cough*”

Melt didn’t hesitate to jump on the suggestion.

“@TonyClarkCP get us in contact with the decision makers @cedarpoint, Contact us. … Let’s make this happen!”

Clark offered a promising response.

“I’m forcing the boss to contact you (ok, not forcing – he digs the food, too).”

It didn’t take long before Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager, Jason McClure, sank his teeth into the conversation.

“On it…” McClure tweeted to Melt.

Does that mean Melt will be coming to Cedar Point in 2017?

"We're always open to discussing new offerings inside the park," Clark tells WKYC in an e-mail. "Plus, I'm a huge fan of melted cheese (who isn't?). It would be great to have one closer to Sandusky. Will one end up at the park? I can't say for sure, but you never know!"

Melt, meanwhile, continues expanding its gut-busting brand throughout the region having opened its first Akron location earlier this summer and announcing plans for a quick-service restaurant in Public Square.