He may not drive the Batmobile, but one Ohio native has become a hero in his own right.

Bruce Wayne (no, really) of Tiffin set a record this week by ordering a Chipotle entree 426 days in a row. He began the challenge on Oct. 30, 2016, and maintained his fitness goals throughout.

The restaurant chain honored Wayne for his efforts Saturday by giving him a custom-made Chipotle superhero cape and cuff links, a nod to his predictable love of Batman. They will also donate the money he spent there to a charity of his choice.

Communications Director Chris Arnold said in a statement:

Day after day we're committed to serving our customers the most delicious, real ingredients we can find and it's great to see a customer like Bruce is as committed to us as we are to him. While this might not be everybody's New Year's Resolution for 2018, it certainly shows that our menu of real and fresh ingredients offers something for everyone – even superheroes.

Apparently, Wayne intends to keep his record going. Fans can follow his exploits on Instagram @mrwaynethebat.