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RECIPES | Hollie Strano, Dave Chudowsky and Maureen Kyle share their favorite grill recipes

Memorial day weekend is the unofficial kick off to the grilling season and we are dishing up some delicious ideas for your next barbecue.
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London broil recipe

Dave’s Notes: I am a huge fan of grilling the best steak, but I wanted to share a great one with you that can feed more than just two if you want to entertain and it won’t cost you as much… plus it tastes amazing!


- London broil (1-2 pounds)

- A1 Sauce


Marinate a pound or two of London broil in A1 sauce overnight in the refrigerator.

Fire up the grill to about 450-500. Place meat on lower cooking grate… cook for one minute… Turn London broil on same side (don’t flip) for another minute. Flip London broil to the other side and repeat. So you have a total time of four minutes on the lower grate.

Now turn the grill to medium heat and place meat on the upper cooking grate. Cook meat on each side for five minutes. So you have a cooking time of 14 minutes.

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Her dad's grilled pizza

Hollie’s Notes: You can vary the toppings according to your taste, but this is my family’s favorite toppers -- especially the kids!


- Fresh Italian bread dough (you can find fresh dough at Italian import stores and some grocery stores too, Heinen’s carries them)

- Olive oil

- Garlic, minced

- Basil, chopped

- Tomato, chopped

- Shredded mozzarella cheese

- Grated Parmesan

- Pepperoni


Roll out your pizza dough. Brush the top side with olive oil. Put that grill side down. While it’s grilling, brush the opposite side with olive oil. Flip when the bottom side is grilled and then top with garlic, cheeses, pepperoni and basil!

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Grilled corn salad with hot honey-lime dressing

Maureen’s Notes: The grill isn’t just for meat. you can also cook up a great side dish. You may have tried grilling corn, but this is next level!


- 3 ears of corn, husked

- 2T butter (melted)

- 1 ½ t Salt

- Black Pepper

- 3T fresh lime juice

- 2T honey

- 1 ½ t Sriracha

- 1t garlic powder

- 1 ½ Avocados (Cut into ¾” pieces)

- 1 Serrano chili (thinly sliced)

- ½ C cilantro


Heat up the grill and brush the corn with butter. Sprinkle salt and pepper and turn occasionally until cooked well. Cut the kernels off and let cool. While the corn is cooling you can mix the lime juice, honey, Sriracha, garlic and salt into a bowl. Add in the corn, avocados, chili, cilantro and mix. Chill for at least two hours.