A kid's YouTube channel is facing grown-up accusations. The Federal Trade Commission is investigating "Ryan ToysReview" for deceptive advertising. If you've got kids, you've probably heard of him. He's seven years old and has made millions unboxing toys. Seems innocent, but a watchdog group claims kids were being tricked by product placement and secret sponsorship deals.

Well, you might get your next Big Mac faster, but it could cost someone their job. McDonald's plans to start using artificial intelligence -- like robots -- to process drive-thru orders. The company is investing in a Silicon Valley-based startup, and not everyone's lovin' it.

And speaking of McDonald's, the Shamrock Shake is making a comeback, but only in one city. And it's not for St. Patrick's Day. Restaurants in Philadelphia are apparently whipping them up to celebrate the Eagles' football season. They must know someone high up at the Golden Arches.

Hasbro is bringing women's empowerment to one of the world's best-known board games. In the new Ms. Monopoly game, women earn more than men. And it's not just payday perks. Most of the things your character can buy were created by women.

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