Fat Tuesday at Giant Eagle in Rocky River means it's time to play the annual 'Paczki Games.' And since I have Red Gerard fever and was a little hungry, I wanted in!

There's just something about paczki.

"It's funny, there are people who don't eat a donut all year, but then when it comes time for Fat Tuesday, they're in line to get a paczki," Store Leader Tim Cahill told me. Cahill has been holding the games for 12 years and says it's a great morale booster for his staff.

The rules of the 'Paczki Games' are simple: Eat as many paczkis as you can in a minute...without using your hands!

I found out that it wasn't easy competing against seasoned veterans who know what they're doing. I was simply a rookie, outmatched, wanting this to end.

When the clock stopped, I ate 1 and a half paczkis. That wasn't nearly enough to make the medal stand.

Justin Bradway was the winner with three paczkis eaten. I guess we can say another gold medal winner from Rocky River!

The entire city has Red Gerard fever.

"It's nice to have a hometown hero win the gold medal for us," Bradway said. "It's a good feeling."

I was feeling less than golden after not even making it to the 'Pazcki Games' medal stand. But we know that in Cleveland, there's always next year.