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Aurora police officer helps save life of unconscious neighbor

Det. Sgt. Dan Kalk was getting ready to leave for work, then administered lifesaving first aid when he saw his neighbor having a medical emergency
Credit: Aurora Police Department/Facebook

Earlier this summer, Aurora police officer Dan Kalk had to spring into action when he least expected it. 

According to the department's Facebook page, Detective Sergeant Kalk was at home getting ready to leave for work on July 9. When he looked out his window, he saw his neighbor having a medical emergency. 

Kalk ran across the street to his neighbor’s house and found him unconscious in his driveway. While his wife called 911, Sgt. Kalk administered lifesaving first aid to his neighbor. 

By the time the rescue squad arrived, Kalk's neighbor was conscious and talking. He was transported by rescue squad to Ahuja Medical Center and was released later that day. 

Later that evening, Kalk's neighbor and family brought pizza to the Kalk house and both families enjoyed dinner together. The neighbor said all he could think about when he was in the ambulance was that if it wasn’t for Dan, he might never have seen his wife and children again.

The Aurora Police Department added in their Facebook post that all of its officers and dispatchers receive First Responder Emergency Medical Training and are able to render first aid to victims of medical emergencies while waiting for the Fire Department and EMS to arrive on scene. 

That training served Sgt. Kalk and his neighbor well.