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Musician Bucky Boudreau travels 451.9 miles to play a show for his grandmother in Canton

Musician Bucky Boudreau traveled from NYC to Canton to perform for his number one fan, his grandmother!

CANTON, Ohio — We've all had our different outlets to help us get through the isolation of the pandemic. Some people got in shape, some learned how to cook. I got in touch with nature. And a guy named Bucky recorded an album. 

Meet musician Bucky Boudreau, who spent much of his youth in the Canton area, and now lives in New York City. That's where he made the most of the lockdown by writing and producing his catchy new album, playfully-entitled “Oh, Hi Oh!”. You get it?

And where is the ideal place to debut a pandemic-forged, Midwest-Themed, 12 track collection? Well your grandma's house in Canton of course. 

The young troubadour decided to travel the roughly 450 miles all the way from NYC to Hall of Fame City to unveil his new songs to an audience of one. 

I first caught up with him while he was driving through Pennsylvania where the internet is spotty at best. But, I did manage to score an invite to his final destination.

Having been deprived of live music for far too long, I was happy to travel to his grandma's house to check out the show. My all access-concert pass got me backstage in the front yard.

The whole venue waited in anticipation as showtime quickly approached, and then finally, both stars took the stage. 

Fortunately, the entire audience really seemed to enjoy the performance and offered a glowing concert review. And now, for your viewing pleasure - please enjoy the original sounds of Canton's own Bucky Boudreau.

Bucky's full album is out May 26th but you can find three singles on all streaming platforms now.