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A milestone celebration, furry octuplets and a mom bond: "It's All Good (News!)"

History made at the Akron Zoo this week, a very special birthday celebration and more in this week's edition of "It's All Good (News!)."

CLEVELAND — It's time once again for your weekly dose of nothing but good news stories, guaranteed to make you smile and brighten your day!

In this week's edition of "It's All Good (News!) With Stephanie Haney," we tell you several stories that will lift your mood and make you smile.

First up, we have the story of a birthday celebration like none other. Georgia Dixon of Cleveland recently turned 103, a milestone that she likely would not have reached if it hadn’t been for Dr. Michael Farah and his team at University Hospitals. Ten years ago, Dixon suffered from severe shortness of breath. She was subsequently diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. Dr. Farah made the call to replace her aortic valve, and it cured her. So at her most recent appointment, Dr. Farah and his staff sang happy birthday to Dixon and presented her with a cake, in honor of her 103rd birthday. Happy birthday, Ms. Dixon!

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Then, a quick-thinking woman from Geauga County saved the life of a tiny hummingbird. The little bird was shivering from the freezing temperatures one recent morning, so she leapt into action, using warm water bottles, a heating pad, towels and Q-tips soaked in nectar to revive the little bird.

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We also have eight brand-new additions at the Akron Zoo! A set of critically-endangered red wolf octuplets was born recently. Four of them have been moved to a zoo in North Carolina as part of the Red Wolf Recovery Plan. They’re adorable, and the four remaining pups will be on display at the Akron Zoo soon. By the way, this is a pretty big deal. Red wolves are so endangered that only around 20 of them still live in the wild.

Up next, a story out of Virginia. A family’s dog was diagnosed with Parvo, which can be incredibly expensive to treat. They weren’t sure how they were going to cover the costs. Little Bryson Kliemann got an idea. He loves his dog Bruce so much, he decided to sell some of his prized Pokemon cards at a roadside stand to help his family cover the costs.

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Then, a story of two new moms, bonding over their babies. Emily, her husband and their five-month-old baby recently visited Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. Emily and her baby made a special connection with Kiki the Gorilla, who was fascinated by Emily’s baby, and tried to hold hands through the glass.

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Finally, our journey takes us to Maine, where there are some giants taking over. Not real ones, of course – these are huge troll statues made from wood. They’re part of an art display at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, and visitors who explore all five of them can solve a riddle.

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