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Patty Cakes: Kent bakery makes treats to help woman with stage four breast cancer

Patty Yon is in the fight of her life. But a local business has stepped up to help, donating half the proceeds to a treat in her name.

KENT, Ohio — It's an uncharted time for all of us -- especially for those facing serious health issues before the COVID-19 crisis.

But in the face of tragedy, a local business is stepping up to help one of their neighbors, who is in the battle of her life with stage four breast cancer. That, even their own future uncertain.

Patricia (Patty) Yon, 38, a grandmother, and mother of five, knew something was wrong in May of 2019.

“I had a lump and it just kept getting bigger and sore sometimes,” Patty told us.

Patty says she went to see a doctor, who cleared her. So, she went on with her normal life, getting married in October and running her cleaning business. Then, just a few weeks after tying the knot, devastating news.

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“So they did the cat scan and ultrasound and came to find out that my cancer was stage four, and my liver was completely overwhelmed with the tumors,” Patty said.

In an instant, she said her thoughts raced toward her family, and how long she'd be there for them. But despite her prognosis of living just a few more years, Patty is fighting for her life.

“I try not to let nothing bother me. I try to stay focused,” she said. “I like to repair the liver with fish and tuna. I don’t eat no red meats.” 

She's going through chemo and alternative treatments, but the costs are adding up. 

That's when Mockingbird Bakery, a new business, came to the rescue. They're selling cupcakes called "Patty Cakes." Half the proceeds go directly to Patty. 

“The moment people heard about it, they started coming in and telling their friends, and their friends were telling their friends,” said Mockingbird co-owner, Kassie Turner.

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Amid a national crisis, they've raised more than $1,000 for Patty. The sale was due to end in March, but they've extended it through April 15, even with their own profits dwindling.

"She's not giving up. She's fighting. She's got a lot to live for," Jessica Henderson “She’s not giving up. She’s fighting. She’s got a lot to live for,” Mockingbird Bakery co-owner Jessica Henderson said.

“It’s good to see people not give up when they’re forced to go through something traumatic,” Mockingbird Bakey co-owner Kassie Turner added.

Cloaked in her faith, Patty is staying strong for her family.

“I get up and read my devotional … my bible … and just try to stay strong for them," Patty.

And, she'll be forever grateful for Mockingbird.

“It’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing they’ve done," Patty said.

For more information on Mockingbird Bakery, click HERE.

To donate to Patty's GoFundMe account, click HERE.