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Experts share what not to buy on Black Friday

Don't get fooled by your favorite retailer.

CLEVELAND — Are you like most people that hate buying things with the possibility of it being cheaper later?

This week is no different despite what retailers are promoting as once a year deals.

Before you rush into a madhouse of shoppers looking for a bargain – stop!

You need to make sure what you're looking for is even a deal, your favorite retailer might be fooling you.

“Retailers are really hoping to bring you into the store and get you to spend more than you intend. So it's really up to consumers to monitor prices,” says Kimberly Palmer, a finance expert at NerdWallet.

The experts at Nerdwallet have looked into it and are shared categories not to shop on black Friday.

“The biggest wait to buy categories involve toys. Toys go down in price as we get closer to the holiday. And lastly bedding. Because bedding goes on sale in January, so you'll see better prices then,” says  Palmer.

But be careful not to wait too long.

“Toys do run out. You don't want to be in the position where you don't have what you want for the holidays,” says Palmer.

The number of in-stock items are higher now than they'll be the rest of the shopping season. And while you may not be thinking about traveling right now, some of the better deals on getaways are also available this week in limited quantities.

“There are definitely great deals out there.”

You don't have to wait until the weekend. Retailmenot research shows more deals are available before thanksgiving than ever before, many of them starting this past weekend. So, while there are some things you should leave on the shelf, there are still plenty of great bargains to grab. Good luck!

One more thing: make sure you don't get tricked with mail-in rebate prices, unless you're disciplined enough to actually use them. But retailers are betting you won't.

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