Springfield Township — At this Akron area haunted house, you can be touched, your clothes can get ripped off, and you might even leave with a bruise or two.

Akron Fright Fest is dubbed the first "R-rated" haunted house in the area. It is located at Melanie Lake at Kim Tam Park in Springfield Township.

"We wanted to do something different," Pete Kolomichuk, the mastermind behind it all, said. "We wanted to rewrite how haunted houses are done."

It’s a combination of six haunted houses. Among the features are a woman who appears to have lost her mind as she tries to scare you in a glass box full of rats, a man with a bloody pig head, a nurse who would like to give you a haircut with a saw, and many more spooky and creepy things.

"Don't bring your kids,” Kolomichuk said.

But if you do, he says they won’t separate them from their parents and the show will be tamed down a bit. Yet, it’s still "R-rated," so they may need to wear ear muffs.

Among of the six houses, two of them are waiver houses. Yes, in order to experience the scariest part of Akron Fright Fest, you have to sign a waiver. This is where you can expect to possibly get force fed.

"They are going to put a hood over your head," Owner Jeremy Caudil said. "They are going to physically separate you from the group. We told people, 'You can get mildly hurt.'"

Jeremy Caudill recently bought the property, which was a essentially a water park. He wanted turn it into a yearlong attraction, and even gets frightened himself

“Yeah, I was pretty scared," he said.

The haunted house first opened last weekend, and Kolomichuk says 17 people came but only one person was brave enough to make it through the first four haunted houses.

"It’s for adrenaline junkies who love horror movies and haunted houses."

Akron Fright Fest is open from around 7:30 p.m. (or whenever it get dark) until midnight. The cost is $25 dollars for three haunted houses, $30 for four haunted houses and $35 dollars for all six haunted houses, which includes signing the waiver.