CLEVELAND -- For a lot of patients at Cleveland Clinic Children's, trick-or-treating isn't an option outside the hospital walls.

So, a number of employees came together with the funds to host a Halloween carnival, equipped with superheroes, face painting, and crafts, for the kids.

"It's amazing. You see the kids walk in and get all excited about the superheroes and the pumpkins they can decorate," Hope for Henry Child Life Specialist Alix Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald and a lot of her coworkers gave it their all to give the kids a celebration to remember, and an escape from their reality of being sick.

"Just seeing them excited, and having a moment away from the hospital rooms, away from the procedures having fun, is the best. It makes it all worth it, all the work that we put into this," Fitzgerald said.

One parent impressed with the hospital's efforts, is Eddy Moufarrej. He brought his family here from Lebanon so his nine-year-old daughter, Mia, could receive care for a spinal tumor. She had surgery on Tuesday, but that didn't keep her from the Halloween fun.

"I'm really happy to be here. My daughter was very excited to come down here, as well, just to have a change of atmosphere from being in the room," Moufarrej said. "She did it yesterday, and look at her today. She's at the party already."

Spiderman, Superman and Flash were on hand to brighten the days of young patients. But, it was Batman who could relate the most to their struggles.

Bruce Wayne (yes, that's his legal name) is a cancer survivor. He's also doubles as Batman, and loves bringing hope to the kids battling their own illnesses.

"I'm currently post-chemo, and continuing with my treatment. And, it's important for me to be able to give back," Wayne told us.

The dark knight says bringing joy to the kids powers his spirit, and will to keep fighting.

"To see a child smile, it does everybody that's around that child, wonders, including myself."