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Halloween and COVID-19: How to protect yourself with the right mask

One Cleveland Clinic doctor is making sure that people know what can and cannot keep them safe on Halloween this year

CLEVELAND — It's universally accepted that 2020 has been a pretty terrible year, and many Americans are hoping that Halloween might just help to save it. 

While Halloween is a great time to wear a mask, one Cleveland Clinic doctor is making sure people know which masks are actually effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. 

Cleveland Clinic Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Kristen England says that a spooktacular Halloween is not hard to have, with the proper precautions in place.  

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“We know that cloth masks that have two layers of cloth are the best way to protect yourself when you’re out trick-or-treating,” Dr. Englund said, “Try to incorporate that as part of your costume."

Dr. Englund says that safety is of the utmost priority this year, and advises that people try to incorporate either a surgical or a cloth patterned mask into their costume. The Cleveland Clinic physician also says that doubling up on masks is not necessary.

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“To have a mask on that we know is protective against transmitting COVID and then to try and put another costume mask over the top of it, it’s probably not going to be an easy fit,” said Dr. Englund. “It’s going to be difficult to try to breathe in, and it’s just going to cut down on the amount of fun you’re trying to have on trick-or-treat, so let’s stick with the cloth masks.”  

Whatever you plan to do this Halloween, Dr. Englund says that you should wear a mask to protect yourself and others.