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Scared silly on a Willoughby ghost walk: Mike Polk Jr, Lindsay Buckingham search for paranormal activity at old coal & supply building

The location is said to be quite haunted, but did our brave 3Newsers find anything out of the ordinary?

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio — Charming Willoughby, Ohio: Known for its quaint downtown, folksy charm, and for being home to one of the most notoriously haunted places on Earth!!

Ghost sightings at the Willoughby Coal & Supply building go back decades, so two brave 3Newsers decided to get into the spirit of the season by exploring the local landmark for themselves. Were we scared of what me might encounter?

Mike Polk Jr.: "I'm...not a big believer in things like ghosts...Lindsay, on the other hand? Really good chance she's gonna freak out the whole time. Probably about 100%."

Lindsay Buckingham: "I don't know if we're going to see a ghost. I don't even know if I believe in it...[Mike] shared with me privately three times on the way here that, in fact, he is scared."

Our spiritual tour guides, Teresa and Kathy, shared with us some of the creepy history of the place, including an owner who was allegedly thrown out of one of the windows and killed. They even offered to summon a spirit using a special recorder, said to pick up ghostly noises.

We listen back to hear what it said. One statement sounded very much like, "I know what you're thinking."

Ghost or not, there was something on that tape. The two of us decided to walk through the building alone to see if the spirits would speak to us. We even tried to rouse a four-legged ghost, a dog named Yukon.

However, other than scaring ourselves, we didn't find much. We survived out first ghost walk, a frightful bonding experience for both.

For more information on the Willoughby Ghost Walk, click here.

Watch our adventures in the player above!

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