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Could trick-or-treating be a 'super-spreader' event?

Halloween this year may be scarier than ever.

CLEVELAND — On Friday night, grab-and-go bags at resource and recreation centers in Cleveland gave kids an early taste of Halloween. Now, some parents say they are ready for the real thing.

"We’re still going to go trick-or-treating," father Nathon Gilbert said. "We’re just going to practice social distancing and you know, wearing our masks and keeping distance and stay healthy."

Yet it is a mixed bag when it comes to the tradition.

This week in Cleveland, the U.S. Surgeon General said, "Don’t do it."

"Traditional trick-or-treating this year is not something we recommend," Dr. Jerome Adams said.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine urged people to reconsider. Dr. Amy Edwards, an infectious disease specialist at University Hospitals in Cleveland, gave her own warning.

"We’re this close to purple," Edwards told 3News. "You know, we don’t want Gov. DeWine shutting everything down, so we just need to be very, very careful."

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She added, however, that it is still possible to have fun.

"There’s all sorts of ways you can do this without putting yourself at risk, without risking spreading this virus more," she said.

Edwards advises parents and their children to not gather at doorways. If you pass out candy, Edwards says to leave it outside and sit at a distance. When your kids bring in their bags, she adds to leave them alone for at least 72 hours.

"Then it’s perfectly safe, because the virus will have died off," she says.

Usually, the most difficult part of Halloween is decorating your yard or choosing a costume. Edwards and others say the biggest "no-no" right now is going to parties (both inside and outside), and advise avoiding crowds.