During the Great Depression, Brownhelm Township experienced a Christmas miracle

It started when a little girl in the area told Santa there would not be Christmas because they couldn't afford it.

So a local pastor gathered up some toys and visited every home, all 12 of them. Locals say he delivered them with a candy cane, an apple, and an orange.

Fast forward 86 years: The tradition continues, now to over a thousand homes. There have been many long-time Santas, some of whom have done the job for 20 or 30 years.

There are even father and son Santas, but it doesn't stop there. Nieces and nephews have lent a hand as elves and Mrs. Klaus.

All to deliver gifts to township residents on Christmas Eve. Things are a bit different these days: 22 Santas, each with a driver and elves.

The whole township is brimming over with the Christmas Spirit. One visit, so was Santa.

"I was leaving and they wanted to know if I wanted a drink of eggnog, so he poured me a big glass, and I'm used to easy-going egg nog," one Santa told us. So I drink it down and suddenly, I cant breathe."

It's said that Christmas is all about giving, and that's been true in Brownhelm Township for 86 years.