Between shopping for gifts, cooking for guests, and all the parties, it can be hard to fit in decorating the house for the holidays. For some people, they don't have the knowledge or physical ability to do things like hanging lights or dragging a tree into their house.

But no worries, you can still have a home fit for the holidays. Enter the hired help: companies that will do it all for you.

"A lot of times why people need me there, is they just don't have the time anymore," Interior decorator DesAnn Collins said.

DesAnn is skilled at whipping up Christmas cheer in people's homes. Her work is even featured in a book on holiday decor.

"If it has a flat surface, I'll decorate it. If you stand still, I might decorate you," she jokes.

And she can spread her magic, without spending money to buy extra decorations.

She showed us a bike gear, telling us, “You could easily spray paint this and throw sparkles on it. I thought it looked like a snowflake, that's why I loved it.”

Now, Joseph Grande won't decorate your tree for you, but he'll pick out one from his garden center, where they've been bringing good tidings for nearly half a century.

We met Grande at a customer’s home, where he showed us one of the Fraser Firs he selected.

"In this particular case, the request was for something narrower, about 8 to 9 feet tall,” he told us.

But get this, he'll also deliver the tree right to your home, set it up, and when the season's over, take it away for you. He says sometimes people don’t have the vehicle to tie it on top, or the time to do that, so that's a service they provide.

And for those who can't climb, or want to save themselves a shock, a company called We Hang Christmas Lights will help you in making spirits bright.

Brian Jungeberg hired the company to decorate his Strongsville house and yard.

“[My wife] very much wanted lights that were perfectly strung across, and straight and neat on all the peaks," he said. "So it was a little bit dicey for me to climb on a ladder."

Best yet, the company will supply everything, so you don't have to deal with buying decorations, taking them down, or storing them.

"We do lighting, we do garland, wreaths, yard displays, we also run our own wires," owner Kyle Ohearn explained.

Now, while some may say untangling wire and falling off ladders gets you in the holiday spirit, Kyle thinks, “It's more about spending time inside with the family."

If you don’t want to spend the money on yourself, these do make nice gifts for the holidays. There are several other companies that offer these services as well, but here are links to the ones featured in my story:

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