Popular kids toys like Fingerlings and the L.O.L Dolls are going quick this holiday season, but it’s not because of the sales.

Instead, it’s the relentless cyber scalpers.

Christine McElwee is just starting the shopping for her two daughters and the lists seem to go on forever.

"Definitely American Girl, anything accessories, the dolls, those types of things, the L.O.L balls, where they have the wrap and there's little trinkets and toys on each different level, Moonsand is really in,” McElwee said.

Often times, though, finding those gifts means you have to compete with cyber scammers, called "Grinch bots."

They are known to buy up all the toys and sell them at outrageous prices, making them harder for families like the McElwee’s.

"It's really sad,” McElwee said. “I think that people are out to make a quick buck."

Most people aren’t making two or three dollars, it’s more like cashing in with thousands of dollars.

For example, Fingerlings are normally $15, but now they’re being sold for $100 on Amazon and even as high as $1,000 on Ebay.

The L.O.L Surprise Doll sells for $10, but it goes as high as $50 on Amazon and $500 on Ebay.

"It's really sad to be able to do that, to go onto the internet and see all these astronomical prices for something,” McElwee said. “People are paying it because they want to satisfy what their kids want."

More and more organizations are taking notice of the fraudulence, though, and demanding it stop.

In a statement, the National Retail Federation said it supports efforts to strengthen enforcement against bad actors or bots.