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High anxiety! There's a new name for last minute shopping: Panic Saturday.

134 million shoppers will be out in force this holiday weekend.

You've heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday. 

There seems to be a holiday for everything shopping-related. And everyone.

Ever heard of Super Saturday or Panic Saturday? Well, that's for the people who are still shopping the Saturday before Christmas. And one survey says almost a quarter of all Americans plan to hit the stores this weekend.

That’s despite the fact we've had the most shopping days possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

In fact, the National Retail Federation says 134 million people will be shopping on Saturday. That’s almost as many shoppers as on all of Black Friday weekend.

It’s why malls and stores are still offering sales and staying open late.

Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted is open until 11 p.m. Saturday and 9 p.m. on Sunday.

JC Penney is open until midnight on Saturday and 11 p.m. on Sunday.

And Kohl’s will stay open round the clock until Christmas Eve.

As for sales, don't count on a killing if you’re looking for electronics. Retail consultant Erik Rosentrauch says, "Most of the best electronics deals have actually gone away.  They do electronics earlier because it's a bigger spend.”

But you’ll find a lot of sales on smaller ticket items.

Target is selling toys for up to 50% off. At Sears, jewelry is up to 75% off.

And you can also cash in big with clothing.

But these sales aren't just goodwill gestures. Stores know you're stressed and they've strategized to get you to spend.

For example, since most people are right handed, Erik says, "You often find the more expensive and premium items are on the right side of the aisle, than on the left side."

Also don't be lured in by sales signs, then get distracted. Because stores are also counting on that to keep you spending.

"You may find that the things on sale are further in the back. They try to make you walk past the full price items to get to the sales racks," Erik says.

Bottom line, if you still don't finish shopping by Tuesday, you can always depend on the perennial last minute lifesaver: The 24 hour drug stores.

But if you just can't brave to be out shopping this weekend, the new trend is to “click and collect." Shoppers ordering online and picking up from the stores is up 47% this year.  And unless you're an Amazon Prime member or are willing to pay exorbitant shipping costs, it's the only way to get online orders in time for Christmas.

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