It's the Friday before Christmas and shoppers already know the headaches to expect.

"Parking was absolutely ridiculous,” Ashanti Knowles, shopper, said.

Limited parking is something we all know about, but on Friday, shoppers told us something we didn't expect.

"There doesn't seem to be that many people in each store, it's not like packed or hard to move around or anything,” Knowles said.

You mean, people weren't trampling each other to get gifts before the clock strikes 12?

"It's really not that bad,” Talaya Myrick, shopper, said. “The clothes aren't everywhere, usually they're all over the place."

"I thought it was gonna be 10 times worse than this,” Jose Ramirez, shopper, said.

Didn't we all?

If you're waiting for the rush, head in to any mall or website on Saturday when 126 million people are expected to shop – 53% of consumers.

Even procrastinators can catch a break sometimes, though.

Top online retailers deliver goods within five days of the order being placed: Amazon is shortest with three days, Target next shortest with four.

Even still, this is projected to be the biggest ever holiday shopping season, according to Slice Intelligence.

No matter who's on your list, or who's not, the perfect gift might take a little longer to get this year.