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To tip or not to tip? That's the question every holiday season

But who do you give to and how much?

When they talk about the season of giving, these days it’s no longer just people in need. Like it or not, tipping also goes hand in hand with the holidays.

About 60% of us tip service workers over the holidays, according to Consumer Reports. We shell out on average about $75 dollars, which is what people told us when we hit Great Northern Mall. But, if you follow what the etiquette experts say, we calculated all those tips could hit upwards of a $1,000 depending on your lifestyle.

Colleen Harding who founded the Cleveland School of Etiquette says, "Protocols dictate we are responsible for appreciating those who take care of us throughout the year."

The most popular people to tip are those at your barber or beauty salon, including manicurists or masseuses.

We’re supposed to give them the cost of one service.

For cleaning people who come regularly, it's the cost of one visit.

For your mailperson and other people who deliver packages, experts say $20.

Also on the list, your trash, snow removal and lawn care people, which each person on the crew should get between $10 - $30.

And if you have pets, there's the dog walkers, who can walk away with a week's pay. Groomers get the cost of a service.

Colleen says, "Your tip should reflect your relationship.”

Finally, if you live in an apartment, the maintenance people and door people get $25 a piece. The Building Manager: $50.

One man told us, "You just tip everybody. You don't know what kind of situation they are in.”

Colleen says she like to give gifts to the people she doesn’t normally tip during the year because it's such an unexpected surprise. She added, "Instead of thinking about how you're going to go broke tipping all of these people, think about how you're going to make their lives."

Now, don’t shoot the messenger. I'm just telling you what the experts told me. But everyone agrees that you shouldn't go broke doing this. If you’re on a budget, ya gotta stick to it.  But whatever you give, personalize it with a card, so the recipient doesn't think your gift was just an afterthought.

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