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Northeast Ohioans come together to celebrate 4th of July after year of uncertainty due to COVID-19 pandemic

Northeast Ohioans told 3News that the perfect weather made the first 4th of July celebration in two years better than they hoped for

CLEVELAND — After a year packed with uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeast Ohioans came together Sunday to celebrate the United States' birthday the right way: together. 

“Just to be able to see people again, to be able to see people’s faces without the masks and stuff like that and enjoy not feel so warred going up and talking to people like we are right now,” James Ryder told 3News' Marisa Saenz. 

Clevelanders flocked to the water and other outdoor spaces to enjoy the perfect summer weather, which they say added the perfect touch to a day spent with friends and family.

“We’re boating,” Rania Jenkins said. “We just got lucky with the good weather.”

 “I’m out on the boat with my grandma and grandpa and the rest of my family,” Autumn Dalton said.

All across Cleveland, people paid tribute to the true meaning of Independence Day as Flags at every corner flew high and proudly.

Veterans joined in on the fun, telling 3News they’re grateful to celebrate the red, white, and blue. They also reminded the ones they’re with why Ohioans get to celebrate, not just on Fourth of July, but every day.

“It’s the freedom that I feel that I fought to keep here in the United States for everybody,” U.S. Marine veteran, AJ Miller said.

“I’ve put my life on the line, and I do it a couple times. It's not about me, it's about our country. It's about everybody else doesn't who doesn't have to worry about it,” active military Tim Jenkins said.

Fireworks shows will continue around Cleveland Monday. Click here for a guide.

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