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Safe holiday celebrations: How to keep your cookout COVID-19 free

Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins has tips to keep the party safe and fun.

If you're planning a gathering this holiday weekend, health experts want you to please do it safely. 

Many of you are suffering from caution fatigue and can't wait to get out and see your friends and family, but remember, but to keep COVID-19 from crashing your event, keep these tips in mind.

1. You're probably ready to fire up the grill and get summer unofficially started but remember, keep the party to ten or less and know where to keep everyone.

" If you're the party host, Clean and disinfect everything, tables, chairs and common areas beforehand. Keep out wipes and hand sanitizer for continual cleaning too, says Dr. Keith Armitage, an infectious disease expert with University Hospitals

2. Keep the fun outside. Most research suggests you are less likely to catch or transmit virus if you're outside, wearing a mask and keeping your distance from others, remember that's six feet.  

3. I know it's tempting to check on the chef, but avoid the conversations around the grill. Give the chef some space

4. In the case of a global pandemic, sharing is not caring. Never share utensils, drinks or food. Instead of community condiments, put them in a bowl and have everyone use their own utensil to serve themselves. 

5. Remember it still gets chilly at night, but that's not a reason to get too close to one another in a small confined space. Keep the distance

"Hopefully we'll get a bit of a wind, which should help a little more but being outdoors is much better than being indoors," explains Armitage. 

 All in all, use common sense, look over the guidelines and don't let COVID-19 ruin your gathering. 

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