“So many times, I would leave and come back, and leave and come back. It was around the holidays. I didn’t want to be lonely.”

Those are the words of TaNisha Coats. She is the creator of a non-profit, "The Power of One Man."

It's inspired by the power of God that she says changed her life and helped her go through the situation and continue to be in her right mind while doing so.

“To be able to go through that and see that I came out alive, again, I can’t state enough, in my right mind because I know everyone doesn’t make it,” she says. “When I talk about it, I talk about it from a grateful place, a joyous place.”

With help from the community, Coats and her business partner are hosting a gala on Valentine’s Day with a variety of activities for women who are living in shelters.

The women will be provided with clothing, makeup and accessories. They will participate in a fashion show and will be served by men. The goal is to present a reflection of a good man.

“I really want them to know they have an option, at times I didn’t feel like I had an option,” says Coats.  “I felt like I had to go back, it was the only way out, so I want this gala to be a place of beauty, of refreshing, of release.”

If you or someone you know needs help call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.