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Is it better to celebrate Valentine's Day early, on the exact day, or late when the holiday falls on a Monday?

A surprising number of people celebrate the holiday late in order to score a better deal, while some people prefer to have date night on a weekend
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With Valentine's Day falling on a Monday in 2022, we want to know whether you'll celebrate early over the weekend or wait for the official holiday.

CLEVELAND — People who choose to celebrate Valentine's Day this year have a tough choice to make about when to observe the holiday. and we want to know where you stand on this issue.

In 2022, February 14 falls on a Monday, raising the question of whether to shower others in love early to take advantage of the weekend or stick to the official holiday at the start of the week.

To make matters more complicated, if you're opting for classic gifts like flowers and candy it may save you money to wait until after the lovers' holiday passes to deliver your tokens of admiration.

More than 38 percent of the 98 million Americans who celebrate Valentine's Day will do so after the holiday passes, to avoid price hikes associated with sending flowers and candy on or before February 14, according to a recent survey from Finder.com.

So when will you celebrate Valentine's Day? Will you celebrate this weekend because perhaps that's the most convenient time for you to have a date night? Are you a purist who insists on honoring the holiday on February 14? Or will you wait, to save money on whatever you decide to buy to treat your loved one(s)?

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Keep in mind, we may use whatever you share with us online or on TV, so don't say anything that might give away any surprises you have lined up for your significant other!

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