CLEVELAND — Flower artists everywhere are feverishly filling orders for Valentine's Day.

At Pawlaks Florists in Parma, they'll go through 500 dozen roses this week alone. Owner Shana Denovchek says they offer much more than flowers

"We like to have romance packages where we include rose petals, scented candles, massage oils, and again the beautiful gift cards, chocolates, stuffed animals, mylar balloons," she said.

Their cooler is packed with arrangements ready for delivery, but last-minute shoppers are always welcome.

According to Denovchek, for most shoppers, "Red rose is where it's at."

After all, red is the color of love, whether it's in a rose or a good steak. At Dionne's Meats, you can find they way to a man's heart through his stomach with a heart shaped rib eye or beef stick bouquet.

"This bouquet of smokies is with jalepeno-pepperjack smokies," Nashallie Bugos, who builds the bouquets, said. "We make these here ourselves. If you could wait until you get home and microwave them for about 10 seconds til the cheese kind of melts, they taste like they just came out of the smoker."

What's not to love? That'll surely spice things up.

Speaking of hot, Betsy Ann Gates of Simply Betsy Company makes all natural soaps and lotions and even delivers. Her products are a unique Valentine's Day gift, either for a loved one or, according to Betsy, yourself.

"It's not about someone else, it's about you and all the love you put into yourself has no other choice but to rub off on someone else and make their day happy," she said.

So many options out there, and if you go classic or maybe something more off-the-wall, it all comes from the heart. If you want to explore some last-minute gift ideas or events, just follow the links listed below:

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