CLEVELAND, Ohio — Soon, Northeast Ohio's buckets will be filling with weeds. 

It's not only tulips and violets showing themselves and shivering in the cool spring breeze.

Brian Gibbons is with the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. The outdoor gardens see a lot of attention, some of it from chemical weed killer, but that has changed.

"In 2017 to 2018, we reduced our consumption of RoundUp material from 17 gallons down to 3 1/2," Gibbons told us. 

RoundUp is a non-selective herbicide, so please follow the directions

Petitti's Garden Center can answer any weed killer questions you may have from RoundUp to organic. They can help you with season-specific ways to get a handle on weeds in lawns.

"Your first step has a crabgrass control, which will take care of those annual seeds," explains Ken Zawicki from Petitti's. "The second step has the broadleaf weed killer in it."

Or the garden. There are even organic options

"Weed beater weed control is a terrific weed control for cool seasons," says Zawicki. 

Like now.  

But if you want to get away from chemicals, there are options: PULL! Or call in the goats. They'll eat it all, including poison ivy. 

We can eat some weeds too, like dandelions. But be sure they haven't been chemically treated. Weeds are on their way and there's no easy fix, so keep fighting the fight.