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With a frost on the way, some tips to protect your plants

We went to the experts at Petitti's for help.

OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio — Yes, the weather was amazing last weekend, and if you were like me, you went bananas buying annuals, perennials, and vegetables.

But wait: The weather turned again, and Tuesday through Friday, there could be frost and even snow. What is a gardener to do?

We went to the experts at Petitti's for help, with Oakwood nursery manager David Farr giving us some tips.

First, what should you do with the baskets?

"Basically what you do with the baskets is just take them right inside your garage," Farr told me. Just take them off the hook, hanger."

What if they are in the ground?

"Just take a sheet, throw it over top of them," he said. "Newspaper will be fine."

If you have tomatoes outside, Farr says you can cover them with a cardboard box. If you have a greenhouse with seedlings, zip them tight, so instead the cardboard box goes over planters. I use a sheet on top of my other annuals in pots, but Herbs such as basal have to go inside.

All these tricks will work to save your plants, or Farr says you can do nothing at all.

"I don't mind taking your money twice."

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