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How to make a Barrio margarita from home

Austin Love learns how to make Barrio's 'Perfecto Margarita' from the comfort of his own kitchen.

CLEVELAND — If you're craving a Barrio margarita this Cinco de Mayo, we've learned how to make it from home! 

We spoke to Barrio's director of corporate training, Katie Polevacik. 

"It's easy to drink. Very flavorful, but also spirit forward," said Polevacik about their "Perfecto Margarita." 

Here's a lineup of what you'll need: 

- Tequila

- Dry orange curacao 

- Agave nectar 

- Limes 

- Grand Marnier

- Salt and chili seasoning for the rim 

Here's how to make it:

Combine 1.5 oz of tequila into a mixer. Followed by a half shot of orange curacao, freshly squeezed lime and an ounce of agave nectar. Shake that thoroughly to break up the blue agave. 

Next, line the rim of your glass with a lime and place the rim in the salt and chili seasoning. 

Fill your glass with ice, pour and top with about an ounce of Grand Marnier.

Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy! Cheers and happy Cinco de Mayo!