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How to set yourself up for success in achieving your goals

Having an accountability partner increases your chances of success by over 85 percent.
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Having an accountability partner raises your chances of succeeding with your goals by over 85 percent.

CLEVELAND — The topic of this week's #WeKnowYouCan conversation is centered around accountability, and how partnering with others can help us achieve our goals.

Found Magazine, an online resource for entrepreneurs with over two million Instagram followers, shared a post about how likelihood of meeting our goals increases with very simple steps that work to solidify our commitment.

Just setting a goal, in your own mind or saying it out loud to yourself, creates a 6-8 percent chance of succeeding, according to Foundr.

Writing that goal down increases our chances of meeting that objective to between 25-30 percent.

By simply verbally sharing our goals with others, our shot at success rises to 55-60 percent, according to the post.

The most impactful choice we can make in terms of remaining on track with our goals is having an accountability partner. Taking that step increased our chances of success to more than 85 percent, Foundr reported.

Those numbers are in line with, though differing slightly from, a study conducted by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).

That study found that people who commit to their goal in front of another person are 65 percent more likely to achieve it, as reported by Entrepreneur.com.

Likelihood of success rises to 95 percent when those same people commit to ongoing meetings with those accountability partners, to check in on their progress.

Do you have an accountability partner? Share your experience with setting and achieving your goals using #WeKnowYouCan. 

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