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JAY D-I-Y: How to add easy curb appeal with window box planters

Boost your curb appeal... and maybe even your green thumb with these easy-to-build planters

CLEVELAND — Time for another "JAY D-I-Y" project, where I take on a simple home improvement project that will help save you some money around the house. 

And this week, I'm showing you a really easy way to boost your curb appeal... and maybe even your green thumb, with simple window box planters.


This project requires cedar wood for best results. Cedar is rot resistant and will give you extended life. A composite wood could also work well.

There are 5 different pieces need for the project. A bottom, front and side. All of these pieces will be the exact same size. 

The length of the box depends on the window you are building it for. I measured the windows I plan to hang the box in front and the space was 52 inches. I added 8 inches, 4 on either side of my windows for a box length of 60 inches. I chose a depth to my box of 5 1/2 inches. From there I can assemble my cut list.

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Cut List:

-(3) 60 inch x 5.5 inch pieces of 3/4 inch thick cedar.

This provides the front back and bottom.

-(2) 5.5 inch x 4.75 inch pieces of 3/4 inch thick cedar.

This provides the two sides.

Assembly Instructions:

Once the pieces are cut, add wood glue to the connecting faces and clamp together. For extra hold drill pilot holes for wood screws every 8 inches to front and back sides to hold the bottom piece.

Do the same for the side pieces one in each corner.

Fill holes with wood putty if you desire a more finished look, then paint or stain desired color.

Drill 6-8 holes with a 1/4 inch drill bit in the bottom of the box for proper drainage.

Paint or stain the color of your choice, and once it's dry, mount under a window, or place on your deck or patio.

Add soil and flowers, and enjoy!

*Editor's Note: The video in the player above is from a previous report.

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