AKRON, Ohio — Will Smith once said you're responsible for your own happiness, but with so much chaos going on in the world it can sometimes be tough.

But not for Kat Pestian.

"Negativity in the world never really affects her," her husband Tim said. "She always remains positive. She sees the positivity in every single circumstance.”

Kat has a personality that sparkles, and being employee of the month at the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank was no surprise.

"I remember at Selfless Elf, which is a 5K run that we did with the foodbank, everybody's got red hats on, and Kat's got a bright pink hat on," said Shelly Hinton, vice president of the foodbank. She always brought the fun and good spirit."

And when it comes to family…

"She shines, and you can see her coming a mile away," Tim said. "She's amazing with our son."

Family, of course, is her driving force, but if we could all just take a page out of Kat’s book

"Doing things for others, is truly, honestly, I think is what makes her the happiest," Tim said.

That’s all it would take to make the world a better place.

"This is so nice," Kat said with tears in her eyes as she realized this story was all about her. Watch her full reaction below:

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