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Lynna's Life Hacks: Fast-chilled wine and cold drinks

The secret and science to chilling an entire bottle of wine in minutes.

CLEVELAND -- There are a number of ways to chill white wine faster than refrigeration.

Whether it's sticking the entire bottle in the freezer, adding frozen grapes to each glass, or adding ice cubes (desperation move!) -- what is the fastest method to chill a bottle of wine?


Put the bottle in a champagne bucket or large bowl filled with ice. Add a quarter cup of salt and a cup of water. Salt lowers the melting and freezing point of water. It's why road crews use salt to melt ice on our winter roads. But as the ice melts, it uses energy, which causes it to get cooler.

Our thermometer registered the temperature of the salt/ice/water mix as it dropped to -4 degrees!

In nine minutes, our bottle of white wine measured at an acceptable drinking temperature of 54 degrees.

You can use the same method to chill an entire cooler full of drinks. Fill the cooler with ice and add a cup or two of salt. In 30 minutes, you're ready to serve!

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