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Make your home office like 'new' without going to the store

Since we know we'll be in our homes for a while, we might as well make it more functional and enjoyable.

CLEVELAND — There are millions of Americans working from home, and many of us have turned a common space in our homes into offices. So we set out to find a few tips that make working from home a little bit more enjoyable.

Christina Hidek with Streamlined Living gave us some great advice on how to make shared spaces more functional.

"You have to figure out where you're best going to be able to work. Like there are no set rules when you're in an office at work, like in an office building, you work at a desk because that's what we're all used to. But here at home, I work on my couch, so I think it just, I think you need to be comfortable because if you're not comfortable then you're not going to be able to be productive and get work done."

Now, we're in a position where we have to find ways to love our homes.

"Well that's right," Hidek said. "And so it's usually people who don't have an organized space are looking for excuses to kind of escape from their homes. And there's no escape. Like you're here. So it's time. It is, it is time. This is the world telling you. It is time to love your space because this is a stressful enough time as it is. So why not make it easier on yourself? Why not make it more enjoyable so that you can look back?"

Hidek suggested starting with a clean slate: Clearing off surfaces, removing clutter and tidying up power cords.

"You could also put things on the walls. Maybe like a magnet board or a dry erase board, if you have deadlines."

Don't forget comfort items, like a soft chair, candle or essential oil diffuser. It's important to stay hydrated, too, so keep something to drink by your side.

"It doesn't take a lot, and that's the biggest thing people need to take into consideration. It doesn't take a lot to make a big impact in your space."

The point is, we're all doing our best, so just work with what you've got, and make a space comfortable for *you.*

For more information on Streamlined Living, click HERE.

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