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The gifts mom should ask for this year: Mom Minute Monday

The holidays are always a stressful time of year -- then add in a pandemic. We got expert advice on the gifts that can make life a little easier for moms.

CLEVELAND — As moms, we really try to do it all -- no matter the circumstances. That means we usually don't stop to think about pampering ourselves.

This "Mom Minute Monday," 3News’ Hollie Strano went to brand expert Carey Reilly to get some unique gift ideas.

“It's such a different year, the holiday season is coming up,” Hollie says. “What would your advice be as far as what moms should ask for this year?”

“Moms don't want to ask for anything, at any time!" Reilly says. "So it's always good to plan a couple of ideas, because everybody wants to buy for mom."

Her first idea is a can’t-mess-up eye shadow palette that also includes a set of makeup brushes with a case.

“This is basically a paint-by-numbers for your eyes," Reilly says. "It was created by a makeup artist."

She says palettes like this make applying makeup simple. Even though a lot of us aren’t going many places because of the pandemic, it makes it easy to apply natural-looking eye shadow, for those who may want a break from going 'au naturel.'

“That’s a really fun way to have perfect makeup all the time, right at home.”

Next up, Reilly found a deal on a tool that can make it easier to clean your home. 

“I love any gift that makes things easier for me at home and this is the iRobot by Roomba.”

Reilly points out that even though this item usually comes with a hefty price tag, there is a way to make it more affordable.

“This is normally $379.99, but the way that I can afford to purchase this, is I actually buy refurbished.”

In eBay’s recently launched refurbished certified products section, the Roomba model she showed us drops to $199.99.

eBay’s certified refurbished category launched in October. They professionally clean and inspect every item, which also come with a two-year warranty and money back guarantee.

Reilly says, buying refurbished or secondhand products is a big trend this year.

“People are loving it! They're saving a lot of money.”

Dec. 7 is also the start of eBay's Can't Miss Monday Deals, to help you save even more money.

Her next suggestion helps brings function and beauty into your home with a pair of Bluetooth audio speakers. Their acoustic design was modeled after a guitar.

“They have true stereo sound, carved out of beachwood, a built-in mic for hands-free talking,” Reilly says. “This is actually carved out, it's a tree, it's so pretty.”

Reilly’s last two gift ideas for moms offer a little more glam during a time when we’re spending more time at home.

The first is a sweater, complete with lots of details. 

The brand Sail to Sable partnered with Chicago-based blogger and influencer, Jennifer Lake of Style Charade to create a festive collection of holiday styles.

The next idea is a fun spin on a classic item worn in the kitchen. It’s an apron made to look like a dress, complete with rhinestone necklace detailing! Maybe the best part -- the apron is water (and wine!) resistant.

Reilly also has some tips to help save you money when shopping for holiday gifts.She says her favorite site to use is Slickdeals.

It allows users to sign up for sale alerts and coupons for specific products. Reilly especially likes to use this for big-ticket items.

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