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Mom Minute Monday: Taking care of you is taking care of your family

In our series, 'Mom Minute Monday,' we take topics that matter to you to the experts. Today: How to stay healthy for your family.

CLEVELAND — Moms are always busy, and that means they're probably not always taking the best care of themselves.

As we wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are focusing on the importance of mammograms.

3News’ Maureen Kyle talked to Cleveland Clinic breast radiologist Dr. Laura Dean.

“Is there any step that gets overlooked more often any sort of health step that you think women forget to do to make sure that they're staying healthy and especially with breast cancer?” Maureen asked Dr. Dean.

She says three of the top things women can do to stay healthy are to eat a good diet, stay active and get your routine health screenings.

“I think as women typically do they're busy taking care of everyone else,” says Dr. Dean.

“One thing that we worry about with COVID, especially with regard to breast cancer, is that women may delay that really important screening test which is the screening mammogram and that unfortunately might mean that we're finding breast cancers later and higher stage.”

Dr. Dean says that while there’s nothing that can be done specifically to prevent a woman from getting breast cancer, there are some things you can do to maintain your overall health.

“There are things that we can do, as you know and that includes we call it eating the rainbow,” says Dr. Dean. “Really focusing on wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, limiting sugar intake.”

Dr. Dean also recommends doing things like taking walks, to stay as active as you can.

“All those are things that can just kind of boost your overall health and also your immune system.”

A lot of times, she hears patients say they don't think they need a mammogram, because they don't feel anything in their self-exams.

Dr. Dean says that doesn’t mean you should put them off. One of the main purposes of a mammogram, is to catch any issues before they get to that point.

The doctor also stressed that it is safe to get your routine mammogram and other screenings right now. Hospitals and doctors offices have safety measures in place for staff and patients due to the pandemic.