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Tips to keep your workout fresh: Mom Minute Monday

With the holidays upon us, and colder weather sneaking in, it's easy to get bored or overwhelmed with your workout routine.

CLEVELAND — This Mom Minute Monday, 3News’ Maureen Kyle talked to certified personal trainer Laura Thomas, owner of Thomas Fitness Consulting, for some ideas on how to avoid a workout rut.

“Maybe it just gets busy or it's the holidays or, 'I'm too far gone,'” Maureen says. “Is there a way that we should be thinking to get us out of those rut weeks, months, years?”

“If people are in a rut, taking action first and just finding something that they like if it’s Zumba, if it's some kind of dance form, maybe that's more somebody's speed than doing weights,” Thomas says. “Just find something that makes you happy and gives you joy when you do it.”

Thomas also says you can find lots of workout programs online to help mix up your routine. She suggests Beachbody as a good place to start, but also noted that right now, it’s pretty easy to support a local gym or trainer by "attending" a virtual class.

“If you have a gym that is doing online workouts, you can support them, that's always a great way to go.”

Workout equipment can be hard to find right now, and a lot of sellers marked up prices due to demand when the pandemic hit. Thomas says there’s a way to maximize space and cost.

“I'm actually a really big fan of having a band set, because no matter how small or larger your home is, or your workout area is, it's so easy to store.”  

Finding the time to exercise, especially for moms, can be a major hurdle.

“In terms of schedule, a lot of times I feel like that's people's issue right now -- especially with virtual learning and having kids at home."

Thomas says it's important to find a way to make working out fit with your schedule, and try not to let the idea of how much time you need to spend doing it get in your way.

“It doesn't have to be an hour long. It can be 20, 30 minutes.”

If you're trying something new, Thomas suggests starting slow and make sure you're matching your current fitness level. This will help avoid both injury and burnout.

Thomas is also a certified prenatal and postnatal coach. On her website, she says her goal is to help clients become stronger during pregnancy, so they are prepared for any type of birth and have a less strenuous recovery.

Her private Facebook group, Mamas’ Wellness Circle, is for moms interested in "holistic health, wellness, fitness and nutrition" and offers connections to several local resources for pregnant women and moms.

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