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3 ways to stop your kid from being a picky eater

Eat your broccoli! Here are simple solutions to solving the daily food fight you're having with your kids.

CLEVELAND — Every family has a picky eater, but what should you do when that person is one of your own children? 

We went to nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick for some advice and learned that even she has a picky eater.

But there are a few simple ways to overcome the food battle. 

Solution #1: Don’t stress about it

“The ultimate thing you think you want to do at the dinner table is to stress about it and bring it up. ‘Eat your broccoli! Eat your broccoli! Eat your broccoli!’ Apparently that doesn't work. But really just kind of not dealing with it at all at the dinner table is one of the ways to do it.”

Solution #2: Don’t call your kid names

“Kids whose moms refer to them as picky eaters, tend to be picky eaters. How we label our child might also have an impact. So, I never tell people, ‘Jake's just picky.’ I never say that to people because now I'm labeling him.”

Solution #3: Get your kid involved in choosing dinner

“Saying, ‘Hey we are going to the grocery store today and you can all choose three things we are going to have for dinner tonight or three things we are going to have this week.’”

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