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MOM SQUAD | Grandmas explain the biggest mistake parents are making

Being a parent is hard, but now a local group of grandmas with masters degrees in early education, wrote a book sharing their best advice for parents.

Stop over-complicating everything.

That’s one piece of advice local grandmas are giving in their book ‘Timeless Advice for Parents of Young Children’  

It was written by the grandmothers of Hanna Perkins Center: Maria Kaiser, Ginny Steininger, Georgianna Roberts and Kathy Smith Baker.

They told WKYC’s Maureen Kyle that parenting has become too much of a competition because parents today feel judged and pressure from Pinterest, high tech toys and elaborate play dates.

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The grandmas say young kids are fine-tuning their creativity and curiosity, and they need to have lots of time to play and experiment at the pre-school age.

The book goes on to give advice on everything from tattling to tackling tough topics like death.

The grandmothers also have a blog where they give advice with their latest entry titled "The other thing about Easter: Scary church stories."

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