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Mother's Day advice for soon-to-be mom Sara Shookman, and all moms out there

Sara's own mom, mother-in-law and fellow WKYC moms share their words of wisdom.

3News' Sara Shookman is less than a month away from becoming a first time mom! And with Mother's Day just around the corner, we thought she might appreciate some words of wisdom about motherhood from her fellow WKYC moms, and of course, her own mom Becky and mother-in-law Carol.

Here are a few of the tips they shared:

"Be present. Every moment is a new memory to make and cherish." - Hollie Strano

"Motherhood is such a beautiful, and sometimes tough and scary life. But it's an amazing journey." - Danielle Wiggins

"My grandfather...told my mom, who later shared with me, his old Chinese wisdom that harmony in a home always begins with the mom and dad. It's hard to be stressed out when you're laughing a lot." - Lynna Lai

"Motherhood is also a sisterhood. Moms, we get each other. If you need to call, you call and and tell me that you're losing your mind, because it happens!" - Maureen Kyle

"About three to seven days after that baby comes you're really gonna feel like you're losing your mind. Your has been through a traumatic situation, your emotions have been through a traumatic situation. [But] the baby is gonna be fine, you are gonna be fine. Everybody around you is here to support you." - Betsy Kling

"You're going to have a lot of opinions thrown at you. Great advice, and it is great advice, but ultimately do what works best for your family and don't worry about anything else." - Lindsay Buckingham

"No matter what is going on, even through the tough days, in the sleepless night,s being a mom is one of the hardest titles to hold, but one of the most rewarding." - Carol DiFranco

"Enjoy every moment. Your baby will grow up way too fast! Plan some quality time together everyday and take lots of pictures. Before you know it, your baby will be all grown up, married and having a baby of their own." - Becky Shookman

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms (and soon-to-be moms) out there!

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