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HARDWORKING CLEVELAND | A K-9 to 5 with Westlake Police

Patrol Officer J.P. Toth and his K-9 Timmy, show us what it takes to be bold and brave in Westlake's K-9 Police Unit.

WESTLAKE, Ohio — The world will always need protectors of the law, but even the bravest protectors need an assist sometimes. Meet Westlake Patrol Officer J.P. Toth and his K-9 "Timmy." Together for Westlake Police, this combination of man, and man's best friend, is one hardworking police unit.

Ptl. Toth and K-9 Timmy have been together for 3 years. Timmy is a 3 year old male Belgian Malawa/Malinois who is a dual purpose police dog. He specializes in detecting narcotics, tracking suspects and missing persons/children, and brute protection. 

Credit: Photographer: Matt Frieden
Weslake Ptl. JP Toth and K9 Timmy starting a building suspect search.

When tracking, K-9 Timmy's honing nose can pinpoint a specific scent through buildings and large area coverage.  Even through areas with many scents and smells, there isn't anything Timmy can't track. 

"Yeah, I would say, there are some days, [Timmy] can be braver than me yes," says Ptl. Toth. All K-9's, including Timmy, are trained to go into gunfire to apprehend, bite, and stop a suspect. 

Ptl. Toth and K-9 Timmy's skill set is sought out all over Ohio to assist local and state law enforcement agencies. With so many requests for Timmy's skills, he has a very busy schedule throughout the month. Ptl. Toth makes sure Timmy doesn't overexert himself with plenty of treats, water and relaxation. 

Credit: Photographer: Matt Frieden
Ptl. Officer JP Toth playing fetch with K9 Timmy

Off the job, Timmy is a gentle and loving puppy. Ptl. Toth takes Timmy all over the Westlake's community to be pet by school kids and nursing homes residents. K-9 Timmy loves to play fetch and chew on the occasional pig ear. From time to time, Westlake PD treats him to a T-Bone steak. Even after all the work day excitement, Timmy can turn off his K-9 tenacity in an instant, and just enjoy an evening at home with Ptl. Toth.

Credit: Photographer: Matt Frieden
K9 Timmy finds his suspect during a building search drill

Timmy's first arrest with Ptl. Toth was tracking an armed burglar from the scene of the crime to the burglar's home. As the record stands, Timmy has 2 criminal chase apprehensions, several narcotics seizures, and assists with state law enforcement in missing person cases.

Like everyone else, protectors can have sick days from work too. When K-9 Timmy is sick, he gets to stay home and relax in his doggy bed. When Ptl. Toth is sick, K-9 Timmy also gets to stay home to relax too. Ptl. Toth is the only officer authorized to take command of Timmy in any situation. Ptl. Toth and Timmy are together 24-7.

Credit: Photographer: Matt Frieden
Ptl. Toth and K9 Timmy during WKYC's interview

Currently Westlake Police is looking to purchase a fourth K-9. The total needed is $30,000. That covers not only for the cost of the dog and the training, but the customized K-9 police vehicle that must be purchased as well. A fourth police dog would help alleviate coverage areas for Westlake's current K-9 unit. 

To donate over the phone: 

Text "Westlakek9" to 4-4-3-2-1. You'll receive a secure donation link via text message. You're eligible for a 501(c)(3) tax deduction when donating. 

To donate by mail:

Send check or money order to:
Westlake Kiwanis
25935 Detroit Rd., Box 179
Westlake, OH 44145 

You can also follow along with the department's adventures by following the department's Facebook page.

Credit: Photographer: Matt Frieden
Westlake Officer JP Toth and his K9 Timmy doing everyday drill practice to keep the sharp senses together

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