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Massillon man owns 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic's actual wardrobe: Mike Polk Jr. investigates

Kyle Harvey has purchased almost all of Joe Exotic's clothing, as seen in 'Tiger King' on Netflix.

MASSILLON, Ohio — It was March of 2020. The world was shutting down and America was beginning to batten down the hatches and settle into quarantine. We were frightened, confused and looking for distractions. That’s when he found us.

Enter the "Tiger King”, resplendent in his tight leather pants and sequined button down shirt.

As the pandemic absorbed us into our couches, the streaming giant Netflix found a captive audience for it’s weird, wild and at times downright disturbing window into the life of Joe Exotic and his fascinating menagerie of animals, enemies and allies.

The fact that over 64 million watched the show within the first four weeks of its release is clear evidence that a lot of people liked The Tiger King. But as I recently learned, some people REALLY like the Tiger King.

I mean, REALLY like him. 

I met one such impassioned enthusiast who resides right here in Northeast Ohio. 

Kyle Harvey of Massillon was kind enough to invite me into his house, into his world, and into The Tiger King’s glittering wardrobe. I would never truly be the same. 

Tiger King 2 hits Netflix on November 17th. 

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