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Mike Polk Jr. recaps the Cleveland Browns season

Here's a look back at some of the more memorable occurrences throughout the year that kept us engaged despite the unrealized promise of our team’s potential.

CLEVELAND — I don’t know if I’m the first to say this or not, but I for one found that Browns season to be a skosh disappointing. Of course, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t still in attendance at that meaningless, rainy-cold game at the stadium yesterday. Where some Browns fans were still maintaining their optimism.

As the season draws to a close I thought we’d take a look back at some of the more memorable occurrences throughout the year that kept us engaged despite the unrealized promise of our team’s potential.

For example, does everyone remember when Myles Garrett constructed his charming QB graveyard to commemorate all of the quarterbacks he had sacked up to that point? Of course it was still a young season at the time. We were 4-3 and full of promise with no idea how poorly things would end but still, that was fun at the time, right?

Or now about the time Baker Mayfield got sassy by attempting to discreetly slip as many Kanye West album titles into his post-game press conference just to mess with us? It’s still funny but again, it was funnier back when he did it because we were 2-1 at the time.

Of course I’m sure we won’t soon forget when Odell Beckham Sr. went Hardcore Obnoxious Little League Dad back in November by sharing a video on Instagram illustrating all the times his son had been open this season, thereby helping to secure Odell’s release from the team.

The lesson here of course is that if you don’t like how you’re being treated at work, just have your parents go online and yell at your bosses about how under-appreciated you are. Good luck!

This year also saw the retirement of Cleveland icon and Mike Polk Sr.’s all time favorite Brown Doug Dieken, whom I had the pleasure of watching play when I was young. He’s a gentleman and legend, thanks for everything and happy trails to you sir.

Though certainly not as monumental, we also had to say goodbye to our colorful (and for some reason ripped) punter Jaime Gillan AKA The Scottish Hammer. who probably got to stick around as long as he did despite some deficiencies because let’s face it his nickname ruled. Remember, it’s all about branding kids.

Hey, speaking of kickers, remember when our kicker was struggling so hard this season, missing crucial field goals and extra points, that the Browns briefly considered signing someone named "Chris Blewitt" to take over kicking duties?

And look, I’m not saying Chris Blewitt isn’t any good. He might be, I know nothing about him. But there’s just no reason for the Browns to tempt the fates of the universe by making it that easy on them. Might as well sign a wide receiver named Tyler McDropstheball. Thank you for your restraint.

And of course, no year in review could be complete without reminding everyone of what was probably the most tragic thing that occurred during this Browns season, and no I’m not talking about COVID. I’m speaking of this commercial featuring our All-Pro offensive linemen.

That dropped in September and unfortunately I feel like it really set a tone for the season.

But what’s done is done! Was the season everything we had hoped it would be? Of course not. But I truly don’t believe it’s as doom and gloom as so many people seem to think right now. There’s a solid young core on this team, I still trust the front office, and I have a lot of hope for next year.

And don’t forget, sure we didn’t win the AFC North this year, but we went undefeated against the team that did. I know that’s not a great consolation but some times you just have to cling onto these things to stay positive. Some times you have to find a reason to dance.

Go Browns. See ya next season. 

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