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Mike Polk Jr. has some thoughts on what Cleveland could do with the Burke Lakefront Airport property

The city recently announced that it's commissioned a study to determine what should be done with Cleveland’s sparsely used downtown airport. Here are some ideas.

CLEVELAND — Burke Lakefront Airport in downtown Cleveland is 450 acres of prime lakefront property primarily used as a landing strip for big-time rappers who have a show at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, but don’t care to travel through Brook Park.

I’m exaggerating a bit of course, but not very much.

The city recently announced that it's commissioned yet another study to determine what should be done with Cleveland’s sparsely-used downtown airport that serves as a relief valve of sorts to Cleveland Hopkins, located just 14 miles away.

To be fair, Burke still does have its uses. Though it continues to experience yearly decreases in takeoffs and landings, businesses and hospitals appreciate the airport’s easy access and convenient location.

But is that enough to justify monopolizing so much of our valuable downtown real estate?

That’s up for this new commission to determine. And in case they’re watching, as I assume they are, I have a few ideas myself regarding how this space could be better utilized. I’m just spitballing here.

So, here are some "Potential Better Uses For Burke Lakefront Airport Property": 

  • An Olympic-sized Pickleball Arena (pickle ball is hot right now)
  • Skyway to Canada
  • Enormous Dog Park.
  • Cedar Point 2
  • Big Hedge Maze. Like in “The Shining,” but less murdery.
  • Mr. Hero Museum. It’s time.
  • World’s Largest Trampoline.
  • Cleveland Stonehenge.
  • 90-Hole Miniature Golf Course
  • Strategic battle fort for the eventual freshwater wars
  • A more conveniently located Blossom Music Center (SINCERELY GOOD IDEA)
  • More lake
  • Pagan altar for the 2024 total eclipse
  • Balloonfest ’86 Memorial. Never forget.
  • Tim Misny's "Slip & Fall Waterpark"
  • Toby Keith’s "I Love This Bar And Grille Where An Airport Used To Be"
  • Or, just put sand there. Literally just put sand there and that would be better.

And those are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Best of luck to the commission currently deciding whether or not roughly one fourth of our downtown should remain a seldom-used airport or not. 

It’s a tough call.

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