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Is it C-L-E or 'Cle'? Mike Polk Jr. looks at city's abbreviation debate at 2nd annual Cleveland Pierogi Week

Given the true Cleveland pride on display, Pierogi Week is the perfect place to help settle a growing debate here in our great city -- is it C-L-E or 'Cle'?

CLEVELAND — Pierogi, for the unaware, are half circular dumplings made from unleavened dough and stuffed with various fillings. They've been a Cleveland staple ever since Central and Eastern European immigrants moved to the area in the 1920s and now they're kind of our thing. 

And now, we have a whole week dedicated to celebrating these delicious delicacies. January 30th- February 5th marks the second annual Cleveland Pierogi Week, AKA Cleveland Mardi Gras. Naturally, I stopped in at Jukebox, a celebrated pierogi participant in the Hinge Town neighborhood, to check out the scene.

Throughout Pierogi Week, patrons get a minimum of three pierogi for $8, and each participating venue offers their own unique featured version of the original Hot Pocket. 

"We're little different than some of the other places," Jukebox owner Alex Budin told me. "We've got seven different pierogis to choose from, three of which are special. We have a spicy chicken with black bean and cheese. We've got a mushroom and sauerkraut, vegan pierogi." Their speciality of the week is, you guessed it - a chili cheese bean beef pierogi with french fries and cheeses. Certainly an adventurous choice, but according to organizers of the event, the local pierogi economy is on fire. Many participating venues saw their business as much as double during last year's inaugural event, and the scene at Jukebox did not disappoint.

And given the true Cleveland pride on display, I used the opportunity to help and settle a growing debate here in our great city: the go-to abbreviation for Cleveland. Is it C-L-E or "Cle"? Well, just like this diverse melting pot of a city, I got no clear-cut answer to my question... just another reason why I love this town. So happy C-L-E or "Cle" Pierogi Week, folks.

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