Spurred by the sudden emergency that left her Yorkie named Bruiser battling for his life, Yalanda Medina has started a pet EMS service.

Medina says Squad FiftyOne is the only 911 pet service in Ohio.

The 6-month-old company specializes in emergency transport, providing around-the-clock emergency triage and transport to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital.

Yalanda, a micro-economist by training, decided to begin the company when she realized their was a void for people who might be in situations like hers. "People have emergencies with their dogs or cats all the time, why is it there's no one who can help,” Yalanda told WKYC Channel 3’s Hilary Golston.

Canine Professional Services trained the staff in emergency pet services.

Medina hired vet techs who are licensed and certified by the state. The techs have to go through certification for first aid and CPR. Medina herself is trained in both.

Currently, three mobile units reside with on-call personnel. When an emergency happens and Medina gets a call, she deploys to the scene with a tech in-tow.

The two are able to administer first aid and emergency triage for trauma.

While the majority of Medina’s cases are scheduled transport, she says her company has been able to save some animals in true crisis situations.

The majority of furry patients are dogs and cats, however other household pets are eligible for transport. Horses and ‘dangerous’ animals are not eligible for Squad FiftyOne services.

Based on the east-side of Cleveland, both scheduled transport and emergency services are billed at a flat fee ranging from about $25 to $165. Regular transport is billed by zoned areas. Emergency services are $110 for a one-way trip. It costs $165 for a round trip in these cases. For more information on billing head to Squad FiftyOne’s website.

Discounts for vets, police, fire, and seniors are available.

“Squad FiftyOne provides non-emergency transportation to and from regular, routine or recurring veterinary appointments. This includes pet patients who need extra help such as chemo patients, physical therapy patients or pets suffering from arthritis or other mobility issues. The company also caters seniors who no longer drive and to owners with larger animals who may be difficult to transport using a personal vehicle,” says Medina.

Yalanda Medina and Bruiser with WKYC's Meg Hambach and Julie Flynn
Yalanda Medina and Bruiser with WKYC's Meg Hambach and Julie Flynn