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Faces of the 9th annual Fur-Get-Me-Not telethon to benefit Cleveland APL: How you can help

Join us in making a difference during a special telethon on June 18
Credit: Cleveland APL/Dan Sandy

Channel 3 is again partnering with the Cleveland Animal Protective League for the 9th Annual Fur-Get-Me-Not Telethon on June 18, 2020.

Taking place from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., the telethon brings the community together and inspires viewers to help the thousands of animals that will come through the Cleveland APL's doors this year.

Join us throughout the day as we present stories showcasing the diverse and meaningful work the APL does to rescue, heal, nurture, adopt, and advocate for animals in need. Thanks to our viewers' generosity, our previous telethons have raised more than $300,000 and led to the direct adoption of over 150 animals. All funds raised by the telethon benefit the Cleveland APL. We also want to give a big shout out to the law firm of Cavitch Familo & Durkin for coming on board as the main sponsor of this year's telethon.

If you can't watch the telethon but want to make a difference in the lives of neglected and abused pets, you can donate now by clicking here or calling 216-566-PETS.

So just how are those donations spent? Meet some furry friends who've benefited from the generosity of past donations and the excellent care provided by the Cleveland APL and their staff.

Credit: Cleveland APL

Bugle, the 3-year-old Beagle mix, was found alone and abandoned in the parking lot of a shelter in Central Ohio. During his veterinary exam at the shelter in Coshocton, they found that he had a large mass on his hand end and they reached out to the Cleveland APL to help with his care.

Bugle was transferred to the APL where the wonderful veterinary team continued to assess his needs. They determined that he was also having a hard time standing and walking and showed pain when the team pressed on his back. He was diagnosed with Spondylosis—which is arthritis of the back.

The APL’s team started Bugle on much needed medication and the next day, he was much happier and able to walk without much pain. The large mass was also removed by our team and he healed well. With a course of pain management medication, Bugle is feeling like a new dog, excited to go on walks and is ready for his new future!

Credit: Cleveland APL

Leo, the 6-year-old Maltese, was brought to the Cleveland APL in late April because he was severely matted. The team at the APL knew that Leo needed their help, and got right to work. The veterinary team examined Leo and quickly found that he had a large wound on his right, front leg from the mats strangling his legs. The team sedated and shaved this little guy and cleanead his wound, applying fresh bandages daily. With the amazing veterinary team’s diligent treatment of his wound, Leo was feeling much better before long and is now living with his loving forever family!

Credit: Cleveland APL

A Good Samaritan found Lieutenant Dan, the 4-year-old cat, in his driveway with an injured leg at the beginning of April. When he couldn’t find the cat’s owner, the Good Samaritan brought him to the Cleveland APL for help. The veterinary team immediately examined Lt. Dan, and found a large wound and a fracture on his rear right leg.  He was immediately put on medication and the veterinary team tried multiple treatments to allow Lt. Dan to keep his leg. Ultimately, the injury was too severe, and our team had to amputate his leg. Now, he is healing nicely in a foster home now and is learning to explore the world as a tri-pawed!

Credit: Cleveland APL

The Cleveland APL’s Humane Investigations team found Dirty Martini, a 10-year-old cat, living outside without proper food, water, and shelter. On top of that, this adorable kitty was clearly sick and needed the APL’s help to feel better. The veterinary team examined Dirty Martini and found that she was suffering from an upper respiratory infection (URI). The APL’s amazing team went right to work treating Dirty Martini’s URI, but after about a week, they noticed that she was losing weight because she was also anemic. Anemia occurs when red blood cells don’t carry enough oxygen throughout the body causing some organs not to function well. Once her URI and anemia were improving, Dirty Martini underwent a dental procedure and had seven teeth extracted. After that procedure and three months in the APL’s care, it was finally time for this little darling’s happily ever after.

Please make a difference and helping other unwanted and abandoned pets find their forever homes.  Join us for the 9th annual Fur-Get-Me-Not Telethon on Thursday, June 18.  If you can't join us then, don't hesitate to donate now!